“I’m in love with icons but don’t tell my girlfriend”

Iconseeu is the space I wanted to give to all the icons I had the pleasure to design during bigger projects, freelance works or even without a purpose, just for fun.
In this portoflio I gathered all the most interesting ones  realized during the last 3 years. More are coming!


My name is Francesco Lucchiari, and as well as an icon designer I’m first of all a graphic designer and Illustrator.
I live in Italy and currently work @Identity Atlas, a nice little studio in which I help create identities, illustrations, user interfaces and of course icons!

If you may need some icons, or maybe lot of it feel free to drop me a line at lucchiari.francesco@gmail.com

I’m also a little social, so you can follow me or check other works on these networks
Dribbble  -  Behance  -  Instagram

Need some icons? Let’s get in touch!